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Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Research Topics and Thematic Areas

Our focus lies in the analysis of medical overuse in ambulatory care. Medical overuse is a term that designates unnecessary therapeutic and diagnostic measures.

Understanding overtreatment in the PRO PRICARE network

In order to connect science and practice more efficiently, we have founded the network PRO PRICARE. PRO PRICARE stands for Preventing Overdiagnosis in PRImary CARE. Together with general practitioners, scientists of different fields, health insurances and the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Bavaria (KV Bayern) we work on the development and the practical implementation of measures to prevent medical overuse. PRO PRICARE and the associated projects are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with 2.1 million euros.

Clinical governance and multi-professional care

Our model practice, the MVZ Eckental, is closely connected with our institute. New treatment concepts can be tested, reflected on and standardized directly in practice. We follow the principle of a checklist that can simultaneously be a guideline that prevents forgetting to make certain decisions, that structures the documentation and collection of data and that tests the feasibility of the concepts into the existing framework of the healthcare system in order to change them in the long run. Our model of primary care medicine for the future is based on the interprofessional team. New forms of treatment such as the presentation of cases to the treatment team can be tested and optimized before making them available for other practices.

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