Chair of Health Management

General Practice

Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Chair of Health Management


Prof. Dr. Oliver Schöffski, MPH

Within the PRO PRICARE network the Chair of Health Management was part of the projects ICE and ACE.

The Chair of Health Management was founded in October 2000 and deals with economic issues of health care. One of its main areas of work is health economic evaluations.  Health service research is part of the research activities of Health Management and Health Economics.

Research areas:

  • Health economic evaluation
  • Pharmaceutical industry/wholesale
  • Medical engineering industry
  • Computer based management simulations
  • Hospital financing and management
  • Organization and controlling of ambulatory and integrated care

The Chair of Health Management is headed by Professor Schöffski . There are several research associates and one secretary. The Department takes responsibility for several bachelors and master degree programs and leads the Master degree program Health Management and Health Economics (MiGG) since 2015

Worked within the PRO PRICARE network:

Prof. Dr. Oliver Schöffski
Valeria Biermann M.Sc. Health Economics
Lena Jaegers, M.Sc.

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