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Health Coordination Center (KoBü)

Heath Coordination Center (KoBü)

Switchboard for information and advice

What is it about?

The number of elderly people with chronic multiple illnesses, limitations and need for care is growing. In addition, there is an increasing number of social needs of these people. However, disease-associated and socio-economic needs are not only age-related, but also issues of young people. These people need services from different sectors of our health and social system, but also many different professional and voluntary support and assistance services.

    The care concept 'Koordinierungsbüro Gesundheit' organizes and fulfills a regional overall coordination of all coordinating, networking, counseling and informing offers on the level of a county or an independent city, regardless of whether they are provided professionally or voluntarily, by an organization or a network.

    What are our plans?

    The aim is to develop and test a regional coordination office in the model regions of Bad Kissingen and Rosenheim, which records, describes and networks the offers and providers of services in the medical, rehabilitative, nursing and social sectors. With the 'Health Coordination Office', regional support is established for patients - with the family doctor as the central care manager - who are themselves unable to make use of the various support and assistance offers in the system.

    In a previous project, an ICF-based core set for complex patients was developed. Within the project 'Coordination Office Health' a screening toolbox is developed, which contains an application-oriented survey instrument in the form of an ICF-based questionnaire. This ICF-based questionnaire is currently being developed and validated in and for the project.

    Project partner

    The Institute of General Medicine of the University Hospital Erlangen cooperates in the KoBü project with:

    the consortium leader of the project is Koordinierungsgesellschaft Gesundheit UG
    the Center for Telemedicine Bad Kissingen