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Vaccination study CoVaKo

Vaccination study CoVaKo 2021 - Recording of vaccination side effects

Update: On 16.4. the registration for participation in the survey on vaccination side effects ends. In the coming weeks, we will then turn our attention to the data analysis. As soon as results are available, we will inform you on our website.


What is CoVaKo all about?

Regulatory studies demonstrate the efficacy and safety of COVID vaccines. The current task is to investigate whether the results can be replicated under everyday conditions. These questions have a high urgency, as vaccination is to be offered to millions of people within a very short time. In order to obtain a reliable assessment of the side effects of the COVID vaccination, comparative data from other vaccinations (influenza, pneumococcus or shingles) should also be considered. Within the framework of this study, the Institute of General Medicine is concerned with the active recording of side effects of various vaccinations. The focus is on adverse events that led to medical care, medication or inability to work.

How was the study conducted?

In participating vaccination centers as well as in general practitioner and specialist practices, vaccinated individuals receive a handout immediately after vaccination together with the vaccination certificate, on which the link/QR code to the survey page can be found.

Initial Results:

We have already published an interim evaluation on the heterologous vaccination scheme as a preprint and discussed it in December at a joint event with then Minister of State Sibler.