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Analysis of Chances and Harms in Emergency Replacement of Organs (ACHERON)

Patient-oriented counselling to prepare for acute and intensive care at the end of life is essential. This consultation can be done by general practitioners in a structured manner and with the involvement of the social environment. However, it is currently not possible to develop structured counselling concepts according to the principles of evidence-based medicine, as central epidemiological data is not available: It is unknown how many patients in intensive care survive a year. Nor has the influence of the need for an organ replacement/support procedure and admission diagnosis on this annual survival rate been investigated.


In order to close the lack of evidence described above, an analysis of health insurance data for the analysis of annual survival rates of patients treated in intensive care is planned. Data from the GWQ ServicePlus AG, an association of company health insurance funds, will be used for this purpose.


GWQ ServicePlus AG Düsseldorf


The project is funded by the Universitätsbund Erlangen – Nürnberg with 10,000€.