Chair for Health Care Economics

General Practice

Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Chair for Health Care Economics

Chair for Health Care Economics

Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann

Within the PRO PRICARE network the Chair for Health Care Economics was part of the ACE project.

Research areas:

The professorship for health economics is mainly working in the field of the health care system and analyzing the behavior of its actors (individuals in their role as insuranced persons, patients and producers of their own health; practitioners, statutory health insurance providers, clinics) and thereby takes a national economic perspective. Methodologically its main focus lies on economic analysis of micro-data. Besides that the research also is based on laboratory experiments. 

Current research topics are choice of health insurance, efficiency and competition in the health care sector, incentives of compensation schemes and reasons for health related behaviour.

Worked within the PRO PRICARE network:

Prof. Dr. Harald Tauchmann
Lucas Hafner, Master of Science in Economics

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