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Offers by BayFoNet

What do we offer for primary care practices?

  • Practical training to be able to carry out research projects together with us
  • The opportunity to develop and implement your own research ideas in regional idea workshops
  • Opportunity to network and exchange ideas
  • Reimbursement of expenses for participation in the training courses
  • Discounted access to Deximed
  • Certificate of membership in BayFoNet

Events and offers from BayFoNet

In three modules, participants gain insight into patient-oriented research. You will learn the basics of conducting studies and complex studies in accordance with GCP (Good Clinical Practice), non-AMG (German Medicines Act) and non-MPG (German Medical Devices Act) studies. In our advanced training modules, you will develop competencies that enable you to actively participate in studies.

The Workshop of regional ideas offers the opportunity to develop and implement your own research ideas. As a firmly institutionalized platform at our site, the regional ideas workshop is open to experts in the research field of general medicine. This includes specialists in general medicine, internists working in general practice and medical assistants. Based on the participants' own experiences, research questions are to be developed and projects implemented. Our goal is therefore to work together on these research questions from practice for practice, in order to contribute to practice-oriented and practice-relevant research and to develop it further. The regional idea workshops are also intended to offer GPs and their practice teams a platform for exchanging ideas and networking with colleagues. The regional idea workshop takes place once a quarter.