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Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

PRO PRICARE External Scientific Board

The PRO PRICARE external scientific board consists of four renowned international experts in the field of health services research especially on medical overuse:

The external scientific board gives recommendations regarding scientific decisions and strategic orientation of PRO PRICARE. They also discuss research findings of the projects and provide scientific advice on further research and also on the implementation of the results.

New Member since 2019: Prof. Dr. John Brodersen is GP in Denmark with over ten years of experience in clinical practice. He has a PhD in public health and psychometrics and works as professor in the area of medical screening at University of Copenhagen, Department of Public Health, Research Unit and Section of General Practice. He has contributed in a leading position the 2018 international conference "Preventing Overdiagnosis" in Copenhagen and is one of the most productive researchers and authors in the field of medical overuse.

Dr. Iona Heath worked as a GP for more than 30 years. She was president of the Royal College of GPs in the UK (2009 - 2012) and Editorial Adviser of the British Medical Journal (BMJ). She is known as one of the leading experts in the international community of preventing medical overuse and has been involved in the international conferences "Preventing Overdiagnosis".

Prof. Dr. Jan De Maeseneer is Prof. Emeritus of the Department of Family Medicine at Ghent University. His broad research activities are focused on e.g., epidemiology of general practice, functioning of GPs, prescribing behaviour, medical decision making, medical education, health systems research, equity in health care, health outcome and health and poverty.

Prof. Dr. Gerold Stucki is Professor and Chair of the Seminar of Health Sciences and Health Policy at the University of Lucerne, Director of the Swiss Paraplegic Research and Director of the ICF Research Branch, a cooperation partner of the German World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for the Family of International Classifications. His research focus is on functional health and on health system studies, with a special interest in ICF based Rehabilitation Quality Management and operationalisation of health, as conceptualization (functioning, classification ICF, ICD) and measurement (ICF-based reporting of outcome measures, ICF-based disability measures).

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