Gesundheitsnetz Region Bamberg eG (GeReBa)

General Practice

Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Gesundheitsnetz Region Bamberg eG (GeReBa)

Healthcare Network Region Bamberg eG (GeReBa)

First Chairman: Dr. med. Wolfgang Steinbach, specialist for general practice, Scheßlitz

The medical cooperative association „Healthcare network Region Bamberg eG“  is a voluntary union of resident GPs, specialists and clinicians of the Non-profit Hospital Association GmbH of the district Bamberg.

The healthcare network Region Bamberg eG has opened the emergency practices (Bereitschaftspraxen) Scheßlitz and Steigerwald, thus warranting medical emergency services to the patients in the district of Bamberg even on Sundays and public holidays.


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