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Felix Werner

Felix Werner M. A.


Education, Training and Academic Positions

Mr Werner studied - after graduating in education and sociology - human medicine at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg. During his studies, he also worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Education, and later at the Institute of General Medicine. Since 2022, in addition to his continuing education as a general practitioner, Mr Werner has been a medical staff member at the Institute of General Medicine at the University Hospital Erlangen.

Mr Werner is currently in continuing education to become a general practitioner. Clinical rotations include general internal medicine, gastroenterology, nephrology and neurology.

Mr Werner is involved in research and teaching on the fundamentals and application of evidence-based medicine in clinical practice. Currently, Mr Werner is involved in the LeiSE project, developing the evidence base for a guideline on the care of patients with thyroid nodules. In addition, Mr Werner co-leads the elective subject "Evidence-based Medicine - Smart Decision-Making in Clinical Practice".

Further areas of Mr Werner's work include primary care and the management of patients with kidney diseases as well as quantitative data analyses.