Center for Clinical Studies (CCS)

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Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

Center for Clinical Studies (CCS)


Dr. med. Bernd Gebhardt MBA

The CCS is responsible for the project management within the PRO PRICARE Coordinating Unit and other ongoing projects within the institute.

In 2008, the Center for Clinical Studies (CCS) was founded as a service unit shared by the Faculty of Medicine of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg and the University Clinic (Universitätsklinikum) Erlangen (UKER). From an organizational point of view, it is affiliated with the UK Erlangen as one of its central facilities.

Its tasks comprise:

  1. Provision of counseling and support to members of the Faculty of Medicine and staff of UKER for the conception, planning, conduct, and analysis of clinical studies, taking into account the relevant legal and regulatory requirements;
  2. Support to UKER for fulfilling the rights and duties of the sponsor in clinical studies;
  3. Administration of the insurance for participants in clinical studies;
  4. Administration of the clinical studies database of the Faculty of Medicine;
  5. Organization of educational events on all aspects of clinical studies.

Since its inception, CCS participated in nearly 500 clinical research projects of members of the Faculty of Medicine and staff of the UKER. These comprise a number of multinational clinical studies in Europe and the USA as well as several projects involving the first administration to humans of novel medicinal products (first-in-man trials).

CCS is divided into the areas of study management, clinical monitoring, quality management, and pharmaco-vigilance.

Working as Project Manager within the Institute for General Practice: Fenno Brunken

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