Coordination Unit

General Practice

Head of Institute:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Kühlein

PRO PRICARE Coordinating Unit

The Coordination Unit was responsible for organization and further development of the network. It was managed by the Institute of General Practice (AM) in cooperation with the Project Management-Office (PMO) of the Center for Clinical Studies (CCS).

Institute of General Practice

Task of the Institute of General Practice was the overall scientific and organizational leadership over the PRO PRICARE research network including project coordination and leading of the three projects included.

Center for Clinical Studies (CCS)

CCS is a consulting and service centre for all aspects of clinical trials and medical studies jointly funded by the medical faculty of the university hospital Erlangen and the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen and Nuernberg.

Within the PRO PRICARE research network CCS was responsible for the project management of the organizational management unit.

Contact persons:

Dr. Susann Schaffer (AM) and Fenno Brunken (CCS).

Dr. Susann Hueber (former: Schaffer)
Fenno Brunken
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Institute of General Practice

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